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is a program to start other applications in your own window mode. For example, they want to start thunderbird minimized in the tray. The same applies to a wide range of other programs. All programs that let you start with BetterStartUp should be removed from your startup beforehand.

Thunderbird Workaround:

As a small workaround for thunderbird, you need a small plugin: Download it and import it into thunderbird. Then let thunderbird start automatically via BetterStartUp, with the settings "Window State Minimized" and "ShowWindows SW_SHOWMINIMIZED"

Outlook Workaround:

In order for Outlook to start minimized, you must first enable "Hide when minimized"

Windows Store applications:

If the desired Windows Store app supports minimizing in the tray, you can also start this automatically into the desired window state with BetterStartUP. You can find the folder at "C:\Users\youUsername\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WindowsApps"