Alle Programme



is a program to start other applications in your own window mode. For example, they want to start thunderbird minimized in the tray. The same applies to a wide range of other programs. All programs that let you start with BetterStartUp should be removed from your startup beforehand.


Animation Desktop Wallpaper

  • Ligthware (CPU-GPU)
  • Many Videoformats supported
  • Animated GIF Support
  • and much more... 😀

Escsoft Image Uploader

+Multi Upload Support
+Automatic Screenshot Upload
+Hotkey Support
+Transfer Images from URL to you own Chevereto ImageHost
+Variable TileSize
+Open you Images with External Editor
+Doubleclick in the Preview Window Automatic open in you Browser
+and much more... 😀

Next with Chevereto APIv2
+User own API Key
+Delete image per User

Kinox Link Grabber

+Erlaubt Maleware/Virenfreies Vergnügen
+Direkte Links ohne Umwege
+Suche integriert
+Automatischer Link Grabber

+ Allow malware / virus-free enjoyment
+ Direct links without detours
+ Search integrated
+ Automatic Link Grabber

Enhanced Mic


Mic Toggle On/Off Hotkey
Mic Volume Up Hotkey
Mic Volume Down Hotkey
Minimize to Tray
optional Voice Massage
optional startup with Os